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New Kanata for NiftyDo Seoul

You see those boxes in the background? Yeah, those are the new new from Kanata. Unfortunately none of those sweaters will be on the floor at NiftyDo Gastown because they are all custom-ordered and everything will get shipped out to NiftyDo Seoul :(

Hey, Sally, You can't whip it out in public like that!

Sally getting all rowdy again! 

RGT (top) Kind Of Day

I've been breaking into my Stealth Supply Jacket recently. With the slim fitting silhouette and the fabric being sulphur-dyed and starched, the Stealth Supply Jacket was initally stiff as f*ck, but it didn't take too long before the fabric finally softened up, though! 

BLACKOUT ft. Railcar Fine Goods

Won's recently picked up a new pair of black jeans to add to his Blackout collection: the Railcar Spikes X026 'Double Black Erthang' (that's what I call the X026 fabric). The man owns pretty much all the black jeans we carry at the store, but what makes these jeans a little more special to him is the fact that the X026 fabric is super ultra soft and lighter, making them a pretty good alternative to his mid-to-heavyweight denim collection.   

Momo'd Out!

Another day in my 'Momo'd out' outfit. I've probably been wearing this outfit, like, way too much, but my intention in doing so is to try to show the world how the mid-to-heavyweight 15.7 oz Zimbabwe denim ages over time; worn semi-daily. After all: fades are life. #denimfucboi

Railcar Fine Goods' New 'Journeyman'

Looking for something roomier and comfortable as f*ck? You might want to take a look at this new fit from Railcar: the X030 'Journeyman'!

Denim-on-denim Samurai

You might have seen plenty of denim dudes rocking the denim-on-denim outfits, but how about the denim-on-denim samurai?! Yeah, our Nifty boy Sally is actually an Edo samurai;he time traveled from the year of 1603 in a Japanese time machine...wagon...thing.

Trying on some Momo's 0306-V

Hand-picked and woven on the OG vintage shuttle loom, the 0306-V's from Momotaro are made from nothing but the best of the best Zimbabwe cotton. You're looking at one of the best selvedge denim in the world right here, my friend! Sitting at 15.7 oz, these jeans are definitely more rigid than a lot of other jeans that we have at the store, but let me tell you this: the break-in time is much shorter than what you may expect!

Mock Neck in White

NEW NEW NEW – Merry Co. just came out with the brand new 'Mock Neck' Sweatshirt in White! Same fit, same details, different color–for you and all.

My comfy denim fit Ft. Michael Wong

I had a chance to hang out with my buddy Michael Wong at the shop today. This kid is currently attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design, doing some cool artsy-fartsy sh*t (I graduated from that art school!). It was only right for me to borrow his artistic eyes for a few minutes for a quick shoot of my outfit.

Bruised & Battered - Leatherworks MN Single Cuff

Thank you, Jay, for sharing your 'bruised & battered' leather cuff! This Single Cuff from Leatherworks MN used to be almost white in color. It's pretty mindblowing how natural leather can evolve over time!

BBBBBBBBlue Double Deer's been cold out here in Vancouver. Luckily we get some warmth out of wearing these Kanata sweaters! Check out this brand new colorway that we brought in, though! This, my audience, is the Kanata Cowichan Sweaters in Double Deer Blue! #flame