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NiftyMan - Colton of Tanner Goods & Woodland

Thank you, Colton, for stopping by and supporting us! Unfortunately I wasn't in that day to greet you but I've got to mention that I've actually met you down at your store in Portland. Enjoy the city!

Bucket Hat / Ranger Jacket / Waxed Canvas

Ranger Boy of Gastown

Vancouver's Denim Demon ft. Nifty_Sally

Enjoy the demon

My Day Off in West Van

I don't exactly have a hobby aside from work (yes, I am very committed). My work, honestly, doesn't really like work at times because I (kind of) get to do whatever I want, however I want (of course, with high level of professionalism). But every once in awhile when I have some free time, I'd just like to hit the road and just drive impulsively and aimlessly somewhere without any maps or navigation. I guess you can call that a hobby? 

Momo Love ft 10 oz GTB Denim Work Shirt ft. Aidan

Canadian Tux, but Japanese

NiftyMan - Aidan and his new Momotaro Jean

New year, new jeans with Aidan. Thank you, man!

NiftyMan - Brendan in his new Japan Blue Jeans

Brendan swung by to hang out with us at the shop and picked up a pair of newly baked, fresh-off-the-oven Japan Blue Côte d'Ivoire Cotton in Tapere fit. Thank you, man! I will see you soon!

NEW FIT // Japan Blue Jeans in Tight Straight Fit

Now that we are very familiar with the Tapered and Skinny fit from the brand, we thought it was time for try a new fit from Japan Blue: Tight Straight!

Momotaro Type-2 Zimbabwe Cotton Denim Jacket ft. Sally's new Japan Blue jeans

The wait is over–we finally got some Momo's action going at NiftyDo Gastown! Some jeans, some shirts, but these type-2 "GTB" denim jackets are definitely the highlight. Here we got our boy Sally to do the fitting in the jacket for us.

NiftyMan - Kelvin in Japan Blue "Monster" Selvedge Denim

Thanking you for dropping by the store yesterday, Kelvin. Staying rugged! Here's what Kelvin came into the store in: Japan Blue Jeans JB0412 16.5 oz "Monster" Selvedge in Tapered fit.

Snow Village

Out of no where, it just started to snow pretty crazily in Vancouver! Most of it pretty much all melted away today in the afternoon, but everything was covered in snow this morning (and the day before). To those who live in the nearby areas: be careful and no speeding on the road!

NiftyMan - Morgan in his new Japan Blue Jeans JB0401

Those jeans look super sick on you, man. Thank you, Morgan!

Don't forget to come back here when the jeans are starting to fade, eh?!