DW's New New

Winter is here and Derrick of DW Leatherworks has been stocking up some winter clothes. The man also came up with the new Carabiner V.2!

Knickerbocker Mfg Co 'Indigo' Machinist Cap

NiftyDo x Kobataya 'Grey' Loopwheeled Fleece Hoodie 

Adjustable drawstring 

'V' gusset on collar

Vintage-inspired big ass rib on the waistband and cuffs


What's better than a machinist cap that will fade over...?

The Machinist Cap is made with American raw denim; by Cone Mills

The adjustable natural leather strap will age along with the denim cap

DW Leatherworks Carabiner V.2 !

Tuck it in your butt pocket