Rogue Territory 'Maroon/Navy' Hunter Shirt

Shirting-wise, this 'Maroon/Navy' Hunter Shirt is my second favourite from the RGT F/W 2016 collection (the first favourite being the Rancher Shirt in 'New England Plaid'). Similar to the Hunter Shirt in 'Tan/Navy' colourway that we received for S/S 2016, the Hunter Shirt is made of midweight yarn-dyed Japanese flannel that's extremely neppy and slubby! 


Rogue Territory 'Black Neppy Flannel' Western Shirt

Y'all have got to make way for this SUPER heaty Westie from the RGT! The 'Black Neppy Flannel' is made from midweight Japanese textured yarn-dyed flannel OR what I refer to as "that comfortable af  neppy fabric from Rogue". Check in your stealth game and step it up!


NiftyMan – Stephen of Cursor & Thread

What a pleasure to have met and had good talks with this handsome fella! Stephen and his wife run a local casual tie and accessory business called Cursor & Thread; based in Vancouver, everyhing from their line is made in Canada and USA. His stuff is actually available in-store right now at NiftyDo Gastown, and will be available online AND NiftyDo Seoul shortly!

I'll see you soon, Stephen. Beautiful stuff, you got going on!


NiftyMan – Jumpman Derrick

Derrick be goofing around

That face is priceless.

Please don't stop being friends with me after you find out that I posted these photos of you LOL


Rogue Territory 'Navy Neppy Flannel' Jumper Shirt

On top of all things Rogue, the Jumper Shirt has always been my favourite. The reason probably has something to do with its super unique pocket design that's not overly masculine, but at the same time workwear as f*ck. Now Karl put together my favourite shirt from the brand with my favourite fabric–neppy. #orgasm

The Navy Neppy Flannel is made from midweight Japanese textured yarn-dyed that is EXTREMELY soft on the skin. It is by far the most comfortable shirt from the RGT in my opinion. The flannel is made from 100% non-stretch cotton, but it is definitely stretchy and very comfy.  


Rogue Territory 'Light Indigo' Rancher Shirt

The 'Light Indigo' Rancher Shirts–one of the two super heaty Rancher Shirts–is Rogue Territory's brand new workshirt that's killing it right now! The Light Indigo fabric is 11 oz non-selvedge neppy denim that will get beat up and fade with wears. You can also easily see the white nep in the fabric. The Rancher Shirt fits true to size, but I sized up to a Large in these photos just so that I could layer it with another shirt underneath.


NEW // Rogue Territory 'New England Plaid' Rancher Shirt

Our friend Sam got first dibs on new Rancher Shirt from Rogue Territory. I remember receiving a few sample swatches from RGT last year, and the New England Plaid really got my attention. Shortly after that, RGT sent us FW16 lookbook with these Rancher Shirts on it–and I just had to get this shirt for myself, hahaha.

The 'New England Plaid' Rancher Shirt fits pretty much like other shirts from the RGT. The lightweight Japanese brushed flannel is super soft on the body, making this shirt a pretty ideal layering piece. The double chest pockets with signature hidden pen pockets are some workwear sh*t. The inseam length remains short.


NiftyMan – Chris

My man Chris came through again! Thank you so much for the love and support that you've been giving us for the past months. Looking forwards to serving you for a very long time! 

PS. Sorry about the holdup on the goodies that you picked up :(


NiftyMan – You're Official a VIP, Ben!

Ben and his family–newly made friends from New Zealand–came to the shop, not once, not twice, BUT 3 times! That doesn't even include the 4th time when they swung by to say goodbye to us before they were headed to the airport to fly back home! I really, really appreciate this kind of genuine relationship between me and my customers, and this is one solid reason why I love customer service so much. Thank you so much, Ben and le fam #officiallymyVIPs.

PS. Enjoy all the 73 things you got from us <3


NiftyMan – Insta-Famous Doppki

Finally got to me the man Doppki in person! I've been following this guy for quite some time on the IG. Doppki (I don't want to expose your real identity LOL) was in town with this family, and he was in a hurry because "bubble tea took longer than expected".  Thanks for swinging by and supporting us!


NiftyMan – My Man DiMo

I met Di Mo through college and got him into the denim game. Thanks for being my friend and a regular! Enjoy the jeans, bruh.

PS. Nice patinas on the belt and sneakers :)


NiftyMan – Matthew

Thank you for swinging by the store, Matthew! I wish we had more time to have a more decent conversation, but I guess I'll see you real soon since you are a local. Great taste on your garments, sir. Enjoy them tees!

PS. We need you to model our stuff ASAP.


Sammy in his new TCB Western Shirt

* This product is available at NiftyDo Seoul *

Sam is so stocked about his brand new TCB Ranchman Shirt. This is also the first I've seen the legendary Ranchman Shirt in person–and I like it quite a bit. That's something, though, because I've never really been Western shirt guy myself, but the fit and fabric on the shirt are just proper. The Ranchman Shirt is available in 2 different fabrics (denim and chambray); this one here is the 8.5 oz Denim. The denim is also raw, this means that it will fade and sh*t over time. The shirt is influenced heavily by the vintage Levi's Western shirt.


NiftyMan – My new lunch buddy

I've been alone at the shop for almost a week now, but luckily, I always got plenty of good friends who always swing by and hang out at the shop– like my man Derrick. Because of his job, Derrick is always commuting around town; and he's always in Gastown. Thanks for the support and keeping me company, Derrick :D


NiftyPeople – James and Friends from Japan

The (James)ChoiBoi swung by and introduced me to two of his super talented fashion friends that he met in Japan: Haruka(left) and Kengo.

PS. You guys got the right person to guide you around Vancouver :)