Updates on Jay's Rogue Territory Copper Stanton

My man Jay picked up a pair of Copper Stanton not too long ago, and we noticed that the non-selvedge Japanese yarn-dyed canvas has loosen up slightly. When J initially tried the pants on for the time, the upper block was noticeably more fitted, but now they sit on J like f*cking gloves!


The 3Sixteen Crosscut Flannel and Work Jacket Combo

Our first batch of 3Sixteen FW16 is here–that includes a bunch of denim and these 2 God-like pieces that we will take a look on this blog post: Crosscut Flannel in Orange Ombre and Work Jacket in Indigo Herringbone


Merry Comapny – Long Sleeve Henley Tee

Remember those heavyweight Merry Tees that we all love? Well, these long sleeve henley tees are made out of the same material! Once again, the heavyweight 10 oz jersey knit is cut and sewn into this long sleeve tee with the henley neck detail. The custom Mother of Pearl buttons are simply beautiful.


Merry Company – French Terry Long Sleeve Tee

These tee are more than just a regular t-shirt; it's a totally new experience #dramatic. The long sleeve tee is made of midweight French terry, which is ultra soft on the body. The weight of the fabric is pretty subtantial as well, keeping you warm and snuggy. 


Rainy Saturday with Sally ft. RGT / 3Sixteen / orSlow / Superior Labor

Another typical Saturday with my boy Sally hanging/helping out all day at the shop


NiftyMan – Medwin

Always a pleasure to see and serve you at the store, Medwin. Thank you so much for the love and support that you've given us these past years; and I finally had a chance to take photos of you!

Enjoy that new 3Sixteen pick-up! ;)


The Superior Labor 3-Stripe Small Engineer Shoulder Bag

Our friend Berlina got pretty excited over these new Superior Labor Engineer bags. This particular colorway is the Natural & 3- Stripe. The red-white-blue stripes are beautifully hand-dyed and will even look better once the bag is beat up even more! 



I didn't mean to be all matchy-matchy with the brands that Don has on from the previous post; these are actually what I have on today, and they are all my personal pieces!


RGT Rancher Shirt & orSlow 107

Today I got Don to choose his favorite item from the Rogue Territory rack. Without any hesitation, Don went straight to the RGT rack and pulled out the new new from FW16: the Rancher Shirt. The colorway that Don is particularly a big fan of out of the two Rancher Shirts is the Light Indigo.


NiftyMan – Matt Nudie

This guy is always looking fresh as hell. Thank you for swinging by to say hi, Matt!

Enjoy the Merry Tee ;)


FW16: orSlow + 3Sixteen + New York Hat Co.

My boy Sally helping out with some fit-pics today, thanks for the love! 


Head-to-toe orSlow FW16

I want to take this opportunity of having the nice, semi-sunny day to introduce you to some of the new new from orSlow FW16 collection. Simplisticity at its best as always, but packed with the craziest little details all around.


orSlow 1960s One Wash Type 3 Denim Jacket ft. J.

As soon as he heard about the new orSlow stock, J. just came right at the store! Thank you so much for helping me out with the photos and picked up the jacket, thanks a million!

Here's a super heaty item from the orSlow FW16 collection, as it is one of the all-time favourite core items from the brand: the 1960s 'One Wash' Type 3 Denim Jacket.


NiftyMan – Don 'Bossman' Lee

Don, aka Bossman, is rocking TCB 505 selvedge jeans–and they are some pretty amazing stuff. Nope, we don't have these jeans here at our Gastown location; they are only available at our Seoul store. Sitting at 13 oz, the jeans come pre-shrunk and ready to get beat up! Check out the fit and detail below: 


NiftyMan – Sally in his new BUT super beat up ST-120X!

This man is crazy to say the least; check out his new 3Sixteen ST-120X Shawdow Selvedge that he literally picked up from us 4 days ago and look at how beat up they are. 4 freaking days! Sally's also sporting the New York Hat Co. Wool Thug cap in Black that he picked up a few days ago. Thanks for the big support, always.


NiftyMan – My Man J. FT. 3Sixteen ST-100X Raw Indigo Selvedge [RESTOCK]

This man gave me the warmest welcome-back since I came back in town–the kind of love I highly appreciate from my friends and customers <3 Thanks a million for helping out with the shoot! 

Here's the list of our recent restocks at NiftyDo Gastown:

ST-100X Raw Indigo Selvedge
ST-120X Shadow Selvedge
[new]CT-100X Raw Indigo Selvedge
[new]CT-120X Shadow Selvedge


NiftyMan – Sally The Thug

Buddy, I missed you by like 3 days! I literally just came back in town 2 days ago and saw these photos on the camera when I got to the shop. That was the same time I saw these Thug hats from New York Hat Co. sitting on the shelves at the store. Thanks for the support, Sally! I think the hat fits your intensity pretty well, haha!


NiftyMan – Michael is looking comfy af

It's been awhile since I posted any on the blog because I was out of town these past 3 weeks. Now I'm back! These photos of my man Michael were taken before I went on my trip but I never had a chance to blog about them until now. Loved your fits, always.