Depressing weather is back in town ft. Railcar 'Journeyman'

It's funny and frustrating that it'd been so sunny for days, until the day that we got some new Railcar jeans in and we need to take photos of them for the website, it's just been pouring out like a f*cking b*tch since! Depressing weather mode is officially active here in Vancouver...


Watching the rain and hopelessly preying for it to stop...

Depressed, but I'm still keeping myself warm in 3Sixteen 'Orange Ombre' Crosscut Flannel 

Check out more detail HERE *LAST ONE IN MEDIUM*

Here's the new fit from Railcar Fine Goods: the Journeyman

The Journeyman fit has a roomier on, basically, everywhere. High rise, roomier thigh, slight taper, wider leg opening, this fit is pretty ideal for people with thicker legs like myself. 

The fabric is 13.75 oz American redline selvedge denim from Cone Mills that is comfy as f*ck.

If you're looking for comfort and mobility, these bad boys might be a perfect pair for you!

 More detail on the new jeans HERE

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