First day back from the Holidays

Hope everyone had a great time these past few days. As for myself, it was a nice short break; and I don't wish the Holidays to last any longer because my stomache can no longer handle and store any more food...

Tackling the cold in a vintage as f*ck outfit:

Rogue Territory 'Wool Lined' Ranger Jacket

Japan Blue Jeans 'Beige' Brooklyn Chino

It's been awhile since I put on a pair of non-denim pants since it's been so cold–and since it was pretty sunny today, I thought I'd give my 'momo' a break.

Gusseted shoulders = FIRE

Interior pocket cut on selvedge

The Brooklyn Chino's are high-waisted with straight leg

Redwing 8111 Iron Ranger

They're pretty slippery in the snow...

Merry Company

Heavyweight 'Mock Neck' Sweatshirt

The indigo-dyed heavyweight French terry will fade over time

New year, old bag

Still beating up my Engineer Shoulder Bag from The Superior Labor

Patinas, patinas, patinas... 

I should mention that I do not take care of my bags (or anything I own)

The corners are chipping off #fades