NiftyMan - Sally's mistaken for a homeless?!

Another Saturday's hangout with my boy Sally aka nifty_sally on the 'gram'. By now, this man is known in our community for shredding every piece of clothing he owns. 

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Again, pay close attention to all those crazy fades on his denim jacket and jeans–they have been butchered GOOD for under 4 months!

Random story

This kid got mistaken for a homeless because he was sewing on those patches at a bench on Granville and Robson street...

A nice lady handed Sally some food sealed in a ziploc bag.

"Excuse me, I'm not homeless", Sally responded.
(a few seconds of awkward silence)
The lady just  power walked off 

Sally didn't tell me what he did to the food given by the nice lady,

but I bet my a$$ that he ate it all!

Anyways, orSLow 'African Indigo Print' Short Sleeve Buttondown

3Sixteen CT-120X 'Shadow Selvedge'

Dirty selvedge

New York Hat Co. 'Cotton Chunky Cuff' beanie

Interested in what this baby-face is wearing?